About Me

Hi, I'm Bryan

Experienced software engineer specializing in full-stack development. Have also worked for years in brand design and marketing strategy. Strong background in working with nonprofit organizations and have led several creative writing workshops.

Actively finishing a bachelor’s in Advertising and Digital Marketing, as well as further developing programming skills at a software engineering agency.

At present, working as a software development intern, specifically being taught data architecture and managing the company's website.

Born in Lima but grew up in the States and lived there for twenty years before moving back in the beginning of 2020. Have written a novel, a memoir, three short story collections, and a book of poetry—all awful, but will keep trying. Fond of cats and love video games. Currently addicted to Destiny 2.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Software Development Intern

    Dulcian Health - 2022 - Current

    A leading healthcare company with more than 20 years of experience focused on developing software that adds functionality to EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems. Was mentored personally by the CEO in data architecture and the efficient use of MySQL in building CCM (Chronic Care Management) systems. Felt like a complete donkey the first day. Still do.

  • Web Developer and Brand Design Consultant

    Pasco Hill Construction - 2022 - Current

    Provide/have provided a wide range of digital services for this small company, such as brand identity, logo design, web design, aesthetic templates used for documentation. Also do proofreading, editing, and composition of texts that are used in company emails. Work seasonally, so starve seasonally as well.

  • Marketing and Administrative Assistant

    Refreshing Development Center - 2017 - 2020

    Nonprofit. Secured donations from patrons through compelling copy-writing and email campaigns. Spearheaded the creation of a newsletter and became editor-in-chief. Once a year, compiled data of surveys answered by 1,400+ beneficiaries to assess their needs. Data was then analyzed, interpreted, and presented with recommendations to the heads of the nonprofit. All of this was then promptly ignored.

  • Creative Writing Workshop Leader

    Refreshing Development Center - 2017 - 2020

    Nonprofit. Led a workshop of 20+ students per class for a total of nine workshops. Taught advanced English composition while drinking an incredible amount of coffee. Maintained an average of 85% completion rate of the workshop's curriculum among alumni.

  • Education

  • Advertising and Digital Marketing,

    Toulouse Lautrec Institute - 2021 - In Progress

    Trying to finish as soon as possible, so taking summer classes. So far, have worked with an eco-friendly clothing brand and two nonprofits who focus on helping children. Was working full-time during one semester. Does not understand how people do it.

  • Software Engineering Internship

    100Devs Agency - 2022

    Projected finishing date is July. Strong emphasis on improving soft skills and networking, while also providing a community to thrive in. Learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Because of this, bought an espresso machine.

  • Certifications

    2018 - 2021 - 2021

    Leadership Studies from the Urban Ministry Institute (2018). Learned how to do exegesis of biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek, and occasionally hated it. Loved systematic theology, so must be a masochist.

    Methodology for EFL Teachers from the Peruvian-North American Cultural Institute, in Spanish, ICPNA (2021). Learned how to teach English as a second language, do needs analyses for students, and that some institutes don’t even accept their own certifications. Definitely left a one-star review on Google Maps.

    Professional Knowledge of ELT from National Geographic (2021). A re-hash of the previous methodology course. Two exams still had to be taken and passed, however. Had to make an Excel of the 16 students who were ready to file complaints with a business investigation agency because ICPNA was delaying giving out the certifications for this course.

  • High School Diploma

    Dillard High/Western High - 2008 - 2011

    Did two years of Java and graphics design at Dillard High—and then forgot it all before graduation. Transferred due to school shooting. Had a roller-coaster relationship with a Peruvian girl the entire time. Finished high school in spite of it. Did not date another Peruvian girl for 11 years.

My Services

Web Development

HTML, CSS, with a sprinkle of JavaScript. All combined to deliver a sleek and attractive website.

Brand Design

This includes services such as a logo, color palette, brand identity, and so forth. All personalized and completely unique.

Digital Marketing

Market analysis, copywriting, proofreading, content creation, and anything else needed for an effective marketing strategy.

Proofreading and Editing

Some examples include novels, essays, articles, and theses. Can also offer writing content as a service.

Translation / Interpretation

Can translate any text from English to Spanish, and vice versa. Can also interpret in both languages either consecutively or continuously.


Advice, outlines, or experience about the listed services as well as related fields, such as creative writing, brand identity, and learning how to learn.


Community Management55%
Adobe Suite80%


Editing & Proofreading95%



Translation & Interpretation95%

Data Architecture5%

Node.js & Express.js25%


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